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Magnesium Oxide CCM

Caustic Calcined Magnesite (Magnesium Oxide)

High product performance
ALDEMAG® is produced from calcination of high-grade magnesium carbonate.
Our Caustic Calcined Magnesite(Magnesium Oxide) is calcinated in a modern, high-efficiency furnace using controlled natural gas heating and is characterized by a high reactivity and availability.

Animal Feed
Magnesium is essential in animal diets for normal appetite, growth and reproduction.
Since forages and grains are often deficient in Magnesium, a supplemental source with high biological availability is important to assure top animal performance. Magnesium Oxide (MgO) is the source most widely used in the feed industry due to its high concentration of Magnesium.

Fertilizer Applications
The importance of Magnesium(Mg) for human and plant nutrition has been well established. Magnesium Oxide(Caustic Calcined Magnesia) is used as a supplement for magnesium deficient soils especially for crops such as citrus, potatoes, vegetables, fruits and grass pastures.
ALDEMAG® is an source of essential magnesium for plant nutrition.

Sorel cement(Magnesia cement)
ALDEMAG® is a preferred magnesium oxide for sorel cement, which is specially developed and produced for this application.
Sorel cement(Magnesium cement)is used in flooring, the manufacture of abrasive stones(polishing stones for marble, granite and terrazzo) and grinding wheels.

All Magnesium Oxide( Caustic Calcined Magnesia) grades and various grain size fractions can be delivered as bulk cargo, big bags or in 25-kilogram paper bags.

Also available under private label in 25 kg bags and Big bags to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet
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