Aldeon Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd.Sti.



Aldeon have recently been awarded GMP+ accreditation.
The award of GMP+ across our network validates our feed safety procedures and confirms compliance to feed regulations.

GMP+ covers all feed ingredients and additives intended for direct feeding to animals (not including pets) or for inclusion in compound feeds and blends. The accreditation is based upon HACCP principles which Aldeon has implemented and followed across our site network for a number of years.

As many livestock are bred for human consumption the well-being and protection of the animal is of utmost importance to ensure that potential material impurities do not build up as pollutants in the animal or products produced from the animal.

The levels of impurities of materials compliant with EU regulations are usually stricter in feed than in food for human consumption. In recent years, food scares have been caused due to a lack of control of animal feeds in the market and the GMP+ accreditation helps provide assurance to customers that they are getting feeds and blends from audited, safe sources.