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Betaine HCL

Betaine HCL

This product is a quatemary amine salt, alkaloids, with active N-CH3 and structure of lactone. It can be used as advantage methyl donor in synthesis of protein, and adjust osmotic pressure in a wide range of pH and electrolyte concentration. Our product is Less aggressive on premix components than choline and other betaine sources, and it can be added on top of the diet or in a cost sparing replacement strategy.

Action Mechanism
- Supply methyl donor in synthesis of protein and other physiological and biochemical reactions
- Adjust osmotic pressure and obviously alleviate stress
- Heighten anti-coccidiosis function as using together with it
- Improve distribution of fat in carcass, and redistribute the energy and nutrient substance in the body
- Attractant for aquatic animal

- Increase immunity, disease resistance and anti-stress, decrease diarrhea
- Heighten attractant and feed intake for aquatic animal, reduce feed intake time, feed waste and pollution in water
- Partially replace methionine
- Heighten anti-coccidiosis action
- Heighten percentage of lean meat, meat quality and flavor
- Increase level of fermentation as nutrition substance for lysine, threonine, glutamate, VB2 and VB12

Betaine hydrochloride is an essential nutrient in broiler diets. Including betaine hydrochloride in broiler diets can replace choline and methionine and may provide nutritionists a new tool to compose an optimal diet.

Betaine HCL can be delivered in 25-kilogram paper bags.

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